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R S Prasanna, The Winner of The young Indian Filmmakers Event
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By Administrator   
Tuesday, 06 May 2008

ImageI am honored by this award, and would like to thank the judges and members who liked my film.  This award means a lot to me, especially coming from such an international, globalised community of filmmakers. 

"Can you see Ajanta?  / Painted in majenta

It's writing on the wall / That's not visible to all" 

My film has its origins in a bored film student sitting through certain parts of film theory class. Listening to hyper-imaginative readings of films, I used to wonder if the filmmaker had thought half as much as the film critic analyzing the work. I love filmmaking, and I want to know lots about how a shot was canned, and the technicalities of the craft. But I was always skeptical when it came to theorizing too much about the ‘meaning' of a scene. Interpretations are personal, and thus any codification of it can only seem funny - or, at the least, serve as fodder for a light-hearted film.  

"Will we look like bats to the audience watching this?" 

‘ART' takes a jab at a bunch of fictional art critics who are more interested in out-witting each other with their self-perceived scholarship, than in actually looking at the painting and enjoying the piece of art for its own sake. 

I am glad that the film has been received so well, wherever it has been shown. This film also got me into India's first reality show on filmmaking, "Gateway to Hollywood", conducted by Ashok Amritraj and Sony Entertainment Television. 

"You cannot see Ajanta now because you are left leaning" 

The film has a very deep meaning. The sub-text has a subliminal statement on the politico-economic moral fabric of society. It indicates the urban decadence in ... 

Relax. I shall spare you the agony. ;-) 

This film would not have been possible without my cinematographer friend Krishnan Vasant, who also did the production design for the film. I was lucky to have talented actors: Iswar, Praveen Baradwaj and Manoj, all my friends. Jathin in a guest role is my direction classmate and a bundle of energy. My music director Shamant had to bear with me as I kept asking for one revision after another in his music. For his patience and talent, I thank him. Thanks are due to my First AD Kailash, and my sound team of Anand and Divya. 

My film school, L V Prasad Film and TV Academy, and its director Mr Hariharan, mean a lot to me; a special thanks.  

I am currently involved in some interesting projects. I am shooting my grad film, "Penn Vesham," (Tamil, 10 minutes, 35mm) based on a short story by writer Sujatha.  I have recently completed and will be launching soon, an in-depth documentary on the works of the great Indian filmmaker Balu Mahendra, called "Masterclass with Balu Mahendra".  

I thank Reelshow.Biz for creating a truly global platform for young filmmaking students and for giving me this award. This gives me encouragement and inspiration. Thank you.

R S Prasanna

Watch ART , winning film of The young Indian Filmmakers Event.
Visit R S Prasanna's profile.

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