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Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Year of Graduation: 2007
School Country: NEW ZEALAND
College or School: South Seas Film and Television School
Film Duration (in minutes): 10
Film Language: English
Shooting Format - Digital Video: DVCAM
System - Digital Video: PAL
Directed by: Dale Stewart
Producer: Jonathan Leung
Lead Actor(s): Omar Al - Sobky
Tim Hammersley
Jennifer Lopesi

Supporting Actor(s): Mike O'Sullivan
Screenplay by: Dale Stewart
Original Music/Composer: Kane Bennett
Cinematographer/DP: Lindsay Duncan
Camera Operator(s): Lindsay Duncan
Camera Assistant(s): Mark Cowell
Gaffer(s): Derek Prim
Sound Mixer: Ram Prasad
Production Designer: Deone Kok
Makeup Artist: Deone Kok
Special Effects: Chris Tarpey
Editor: Chris Tarpey
Digital Effects: Chris Tarpey
Mild-mannered office worker Herb (Tim Hammersley) is a dedicated employee working the lonesome Monday night shift.

After hearing a strange rattling in the office, Herb mentions it to fellow co-worker, Lucy (Jennifer Lopesi) the following morning. Unfortunately for Herb, office antagonizer Shaun (Omar Al-Sobky)  overhears the conversation and starts blackmailing Herb with threats to tell everyone in the workplace.

Herb is determined to prove that sinister is taking place in the office and will go to any extent to get answers.

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Documentary Contest 2015

Student Film Contest June 2015
Reelshow Online Student Film Contest June 2015
Documentary Category
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Deadline for entry was 14th June

Winners 2015

Candle Jack directed by Eric Wansell
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