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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Year of Graduation: 2013
Country: INDIA
School Country: INDIA
College or School: L V Prasad Film and TV Academy
Film Duration (in minutes): 17
Film Language: Malayalam
English Subtitles: Yes
Shooting Format - Digital Video: HDCAM
System - Digital Video: PAL
Directed by: Krishna Priya
Producer: K Hariharan
Screenplay by: Krishna Priya
Cinematographer/DP: Sandeep PS
Sound Mixer: Anish Nair
Editor: Karthik Jogesh
Three guys walking back after a movie run into a famous poet drunk on the street. Then it becomes their motive to get a poem of his published. The film is about the method they choose to accomplish that ( some liquor and a lady). It further unravels to show the dialogue between this lady and the poet.

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