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Friday, 04 December 2009

Year of Graduation: 2010
Country: ITALY
School Country: ITALY
College or School: DAMS TORINO
Film Duration (in minutes): 12
Film Language: Italian
English Subtitles: Yes
Shooting Format - Digital Video: MiniDV
System - Analog Video: PAL
Directed by: Luca Angioli
Script Supervisor: Edy Chiurato
Producer: Luca Angioli's LEM enterprise
Lead Actor(s): Michael Boniface, Roberto Chiurato, Attilio Fusaro, Rosa Freni.
Screenplay by: Edy Chiurato
Original Music/Composer: Stefano Colli
Cinematographer/DP: Fabrizio Pascal
Camera Operator(s): Lca Angioli
Camera Assistant(s): Edy Chiurato
Sound Mixer: Stefano Colli
Production Designer: Luca Angioli
Editor: Luca Angioli
Digital Effects: Massimo Mosca
A little story about the magic of cinema, in wich the real protagonist is the "Cinema" itself.

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Documentary Contest 2015

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Reelshow Online Student Film Contest June 2015
Documentary Category
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