The World's Saddest Dance 
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Thursday, 07 June 2012

Year of Graduation: 2012
School Country: UNITED KINGDOM
College or School: University of Winchester
Film Duration (in minutes): 18
Film Language: English
English Subtitles: Yes
System - Digital Video: PAL
Shooting Format - Media Files: OTHER - Digital
Directed by: David Price
Script Supervisor: Karin Stowe
Producer: David Price
Screenplay by: David Price
Original Music/Composer: Ryan Hannah and Gavin Thane
Cinematographer/DP: David Price
Camera Operator(s): David Price
Camera Assistant(s): -
Gaffer(s): -
Sound Mixer: David Price
Production Designer: -
Makeup Artist: -
Special Effects: -
Editor: David Price
Digital Effects: -
A documentary that I filmed alone in Bulgaria for my university final year project with only myself for the majority of the time or with translator who occasionally held the boom mic.
A short documentary about the life of a dancing bear in Bulgaria and the owners that once kept it. The sad lives of the bear is explained, the owners attempt to defined themselves and visit the dancing bear park to ensure that there are no more dancing bears in Bulgaria.

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Documentary Contest 2015

Student Film Contest June 2015
Reelshow Online Student Film Contest June 2015
Documentary Category
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Candle Jack directed by Eric Wansell
Winner of The Reelshow Online Student Film Contest April 2015 - Drama Category.
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